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Short novels

Until death do you...

Short novel in chapters. Published by the digital magazine pulp Ánima Barda.

  • Chapter 1 (Ánima Barda #1, February 2012)
  • Chapter 2 (Ánima Barda #2, March 2012)
  • Chapter 3 (Ánima Barda #3, April 2012)
  • Chapter 4 (Ánima Barda #4, May 2012)

Short stories

Hazard's melody

Story published in the Fuenlabrada Steampunk anthology, by Kelonia Editorial (September, 2014)


Short story published in the anthology Historias del dragón, by Kelonia Editorial (May, 2012)

The cave

Illustrated story published by the magazine Imaginarios #14, December 2012.

The eyes of the dragon

Story published by the digital pulp magazine Ánima Barda #5, June 2012.