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Hi! I am

Víctor Yeste

PhD in Communication and Cultural Industries, and Computer Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Information Management. Freelance in data science, digital analytics, SEO, and WordPress development. With a doctoral thesis about analysis and prediction of online content success.

Assistant Professor of Statistics and Operational Research at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), and Professor Doctor in STEAM at the European University of Valencia (UEV).

I am currently doing a PhD in Computer Science, doing research in NLP (Natural Language Processing) in a combination of AI, social psychology, digital communication, and linguistic computing.



I love to undertake projects. Know the projects I am currently working on, although I also work as a freelancer for 7 years.



While doing my PhD, I discovered my passion for research. Catch up on my research career and what I’m working on right now.



In my free time I loved writing, but with work and the PhD I had to put it aside for a few years. Check out my published books and short stories.